World’s first self-filling water bottle

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Fonts Airo Self filling water

A self-filling Water Bottle that holds up to 0.8 liters of water is on the rise and we can not wait. No, it’s not magic, it’s science and we will break it down for you. A small fan draws in air from your surrounding environment. Whether you are a cyclist, a runner, a walker, or simply one who likes to constantly stay hydrated, your surrounding environment can help you do so. The air drawn in runs through a filter and fills up the condensation compartment. The condensation compartment then gets met with coolers, which then condenses the contained moisture. The liquid produced drops and stores into the Bottle’s main body. Isn’t that something!

For those of you who like to run with your water in hand or ride with your bottle strapped to your bike, the both of you can benefit from this Water Bottle! The Fontus Airo is a perk for your Bottle. Airo is a standalone, solar mat unit that wraps around your Bottle’s Body. Airo uses solar energy.

Fontus Airo

For you active-goers always on the move we get how hard it is to keep your water bottle on you, let alone remembering to drink it, but now you’ll be crazy to forget! More benefits are:

  • Easily fits in your backpack
  • One water bottle rather than many disposable plastic bottles
  • Uses solar power
  • Uses what nature gives you
  • No need to plan your tour around water resources
  • Compact, comfortable, small and easy design
  • Produces clean, drinkable water
  • The water is produced in under an hour

Fonts Airo Self filling water

Fontus Ryde is for your bicycle! Ryde works the same exact way as Airo, except designed to keep you going while you ride! You don’t want to get stuck on your venture without anything to keep you hydrated. This Bottle is rumored to work best between 87 and 105 degrees Fahrenheit and between 80 and 90% humidity. It’s a survival tool within itself.

Fontus Ryde

If you are worried about the minerals you are losing out on, there is a small compartment on the bottom of the Bottle with enough space to carry small capsules. The capsules dissolve to remineralize the water, if you want. With fresh mineral water you are giving your body everything it needs! If you are worried about any unsettling particles getting into your water, Fontus can filter out those same particles. Only down side to this amazing, creative invention is that the water can only be clean and drinkable provided that the air quality is clean. Fontus also mentioned creating a bottle that has a carbon filter for areas of the world with poor air quality, but will primarily be designed for places that wouldn’t have contaminated air.

This Water Bottle is not only for individuals who are active, but you can get your hands on this Bottle even if you do not have time for physical activities. This Bottle can be for anyone! Something as simple, portable, and reliable as this, we can not wait for it to be launched. A unique, simple design perfect for you and your endeavors!