Unwind Without Alcohol and Cigarettes

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unwind without cigarettes

Resulting to cigarettes and alcohol to take a load off is a worldwide recognition that turning to those stress-relievers are not good for your health nor mind. There are people that take that into consideration and look for something else to occupy their time and mind, but not everyone. There are people who do not want to look for an alternative, and there are people who do not know of any. Simple alternatives are video games, board games, social media, massages, cooking, burning candles, a warm bubble bath, night swimming in the pool or jacuzzi, yoga, reading, therapy, coloring, a pet, and so much more.

Unwind without cigarettes

When coming home from a long day of work or anything stressful, whether you are a male or a female, you can channel your interest into playing games or video games. Releasing your stress or tension out on some animated characters or a board of monopoly is much more efficient, especially if you play with someone else. While you are playing you can burn a candle. The thought of burning a candle and the light, soothing scent filling the room while you bathe should make you feel relaxed.

If you aren’t the type of person interested in playing games, whether digital or not, you can always turn to social media. Talking to family, friends, or trolls on the internet can release a few stressors and laughs. After getting a few statuses and tweets off, you can cook something special. Everyone loves food. Try looking up a new recipe of something you always wanted to try or something you have been craving lately, and try it! The time you take looking back and forth at the recipe and the pots you have on the stove will take up a lot of your time, leaving cigarettes and alcohol in the back of your mind.

unwind without alcohol

Better yet, while you are cooking you can have music playing in the background so you can dance in the kitchen. Whether you listen to country, soul, pop, r&b, music is a great way to unwind. Doing relaxing things by yourself is cool, but nothing is better than inviting someone over and doing the same thing, but for two. Invite your significant other over for some dinner and a movie. After dinner and a movie, or even Netflix and chilling, you can exchange massages right before taking a dip in the pool or jacuzzi. Relaxing your muscles in water also relaxes your mind.

doing Swimming

Now some individuals result to cigarettes and alcohol first thing in the morning before they start their day. Instead, you can set your alarm for thirty minutes earlier than you normally wake up to get a few good chapters in on a new book or one that you haven’t finished. If you would rather be up and moving, you can always get into yoga with your pet by your side. Stretching and moving your body into positions it isn’t used to is so helpful for the mind, body, and soul. Another perfect alternative to resulting to unhealthy activities when wanting to unwind.

doing Yoga

Coloring can also be good for one. Coloring is not just for kids, there is adult coloring books that are more mature and pleasing to color. Using the coloring book as a therapy while you spend some quality time with your pet or friends sounds like heaven on earth. Even take your pet for a walk for some fresh air to clear your mind. See how simple and easy the healthy alternatives are. Smoking cigarettes is unhealthy for your lungs, gums, and teeth. Drinking alcohol is unhealthy for your liver, mind, and health. Why result to something unhealthy when there are a number of healthier options for you? It’s all about occupying your time with things can better your mood and let you relax.