Say Yes or No To The Beard with Tom Ford

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Tom Ford For Men

The beard is officially back, people. A beard was once for the beer drinking, rough hands feeling, scruffy fellas who had dirty jobs. Stars like Drake and James Harden brought beards back full force, and now the women are in a craze.

NBA superstar James Harden himself had individuals growing full beards within several basketball seasons. He is known for having a very large beard, so large that his NBA nickname is “The Beard.” He has been able to create a strong brand which includes sneakers, clothing, posters, Taco Bell endorsements, and even his own sour candy off of the fame of his beard alone. How insane is that.

Just a few days ago beards all around the world were trending with the hashtag #FullBeardChallenge. Men and young adult males were submitting their face, with the show off of their full and lengthy beards. Women were in an uproar with retweeting, favoriting, and quoting their most favored men with heart eyes and tongue emojis. Nowadays you can go with over twenty different beard styles. Half being the french fork, duck tail, circle beard, goatee, imperial, van dyke, anchor, dutch, verdi, and the plain full beard. With that being said, are you saying yes to the beard, or nah?

Tom Ford conditioning beard oil

If you do not have what it takes to be like Drake or Harden and commit to the beard life, you can say goodbye to your beard with the Tom Ford Shave Oil. This is a cool, ultra-lux Oil that shaves close to the surface with no risk of nicking your skin. You can use this Oil alone or under your own shave cream.

If you think you can commit to the beard life, Tom Ford has an exquisite grooming line for men and their beards. Their Oud Wood Conditoning Beard Oil can be used to maintain and condition your beard throughout the day. Same with their Neroli Portofino Conditioning Beard Oil and the Tobacco Vanille Conditioning Beard Oil. Three different scents can give each day a different twist. Each Oil is infused with their own oils to give off their own unique scents. With three different scents to choose from any which scent will have anyone reeling in the compliments. The cool thing is that your three Oil options will make choosing one hard, but worth the pick. You can not just have your beard with some fly-aways, you have got to have it under control and in tact.

Once your beard is conditioned and in unison, you can take Tom Ford’s Bear Comb and comb through your lady magnet. Or, if you are a women with a beard, you can get yourself ready for your act in the circus as the bearded lady!
Tom Ford Beard Oil

When No Shave November comes creeping back around maintaining your beard will be effortless now. Tom Ford is a brand that believe in top quality so these products, especially those geared to men, or bearded-women of the circus, you are really getting a bang for your buck. Gentlemen, you can stroke your beard in peace now.