Ring that saves lives

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Ever watch a scary movie and the killer is right at the foot of the bed while the main character is hiding under the bed? Of course, then that same character tries to dial 911 but foreseeably to us, they somehow manage to lock themselves out of their phone. Or the time when a character finally gets to call the police after escaping the madman killer but then trips over their own two feet, then the phone slides under something too heavy to move, then the camera focuses on her hand underneath the furniture piece struggling to grab the phone that is so close, yet so far away. Hooray for the cliche scenes that appear in almost every horror movie.

Nimb Ring

Well, although nine times out of ten life is not a horror film, emergencies do often happen even to the ones we would least expect. If you are a day person going to and from work, running errands, or simply walking in the park while the sun is at it’s peak, something can happen to you, too. Bad things do not only happen at night. For those of you owls who go out in the evening, have late dinner plans, or simply work until the sun goes down, you should always be alert. Don’t be that person who has to depend on their phone for everything. Now, you can depend on a ring.

Nimb is a Ring with a panic button. You start with choosing a color. After your new Ring is in hand you will download the Nimb mobile app, then choose your safety circles. Your safety circles can be people nearby, friends and family, the police, other emergency services, private security services, or the community. The community can be an organization, a movement, or a team you may or can belong to. Your safety circle choices are for your own personal protection. It would be best to choose a circle who can get to you the quickest if there ever was a real emergency.


This Ring is to be worn as a regular Ring but used in not-so-regular cases. Younger children can wear them when they are out with friends or are having their own fun at the park. You can wear it when you are grocery shopping, pumping gas, picking up your children from school, or getting the mail. In a case that you would need to get ahold of your circle, you would simply hold down the hidden button on the band of the Ring for three seconds. Although most are prone to making accidents happen, the button on the Nimb is accident-proof.

Not only does the Ring give you complete and total protection, it has super cool extra features. Some extra features include notifying your loved ones via vibration you are trying to attract their attention. Your Ring will also vibrate once the distance between your phone and your Ring exceeds a certain limit, so you won’t lose your phone! Your Ring can also serve as the ultimate witness. Once your Ring button is pressed, your smartphone will begin audio recording to collect evidence.


This Ring is where safety and style meet. Incorporate your safe guard into your everyday casual or glam look. With this Ring men, women, and children will have the pleasure of staying safe at any and every location. Get yours and feel safer than ever!