Richest Zodiac Signs

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Zodiac Signs

Ever wish you had so much money you have not a single clue on what to do with it all? Ever wonder why some weeks work out better for you than others? Ever wonder why your hand is itching and if those “Money must be coming soon because your hand is itching,” superstitions are true? Everything revolves around money, whether we like it or not. But the money you have in your wallet, is that by luck, superstition, talent, or hard work? Urban legend has it that every good or bad thing that happens to your life is based on the day you were born. No joke.

Many are curious to know which Zodiac Signs are the richest, just to get an idea on where their luck lies. The best place to see if the odds are in your favor is The World’s Billionaires, 2016 ranking, by Forbes. We broke down the top 100 by Zodiac Sign and we calculated that 5 are Cancer, 6 are Gemini, 6 are Sagittarius, 7 are Capricorn, 7 are Virgo, 7 are Scorpio, 8 are Taurus, 8 are Pisces, 10 are Aries, 11 are Aquarius, 11 are Libra, and 14 are Leo.

Bill Gates

We then broke down the top 10 in order, by Sign, and Bill gates is a Scorpio, Amancio Ortega is an Aries, Warren Buffett is a Virgo, Carlos Slim Helu is an Aquarius, Jeff Bezos is a Capricorn, Mark Zuckerberg is a Taurus, Larry Ellison is a Leo, Michael Bloomberg is a Aquarius, Charles Koch is a Scorpio, David Koch is a Taurus, and Liliane bettencourt is a Libra. So therefore, the Richest Zodiacs of the year 2016 are the Leos, the Libras, the Aquarius, and the Aries. Depending on the year, the season, the month, the day, and the time of day, or even your luck, you can possibly be in for a come up.

Pisces are also rumored to be fairly wealthy if they work in creative spaces to maximize their key capabilities. Now don’t take your Sign and run with it, you actually have to apply it. Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates took their smarts to new heights to land where they are today.

Zodiac Signs

On the other hand, a survey found that Scorpio, Leo, Taurus and Cancers were most likely to earn $100,000 or more, annually. Scorpios are best known for their intense, determined, problematic ways, so they can and will achieve anything they want, at any cost. Leo, the mighty lion, is known for being fearless and creative. A leo alone can fearlessly lead a group and obtain all possible power, making them rich in every way possible. Taurus is the supposed sign that “rules money.”

With a sign like that they are easily motivated by money, and can do well in financial situations like banking, stocks, and more. Lastly, Cancers aren’t known for liking money very much, but they do understand it’s value. A Cancer can hold onto money, spend money, and achieve money all in very smart ways.

Now, by the odds of it, it looks like over half of the Zodiac Signs have a pretty good chance at becoming successful, if they use their mind and talents wisely. It all boils down to what you can do and where you can take that doing to.