Paris Fashion Week Secrets

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Fashion Week Secrets

Presentations held by infamous designers at venues all throughout Paris is what we call Paris Fashion Week. Paris Fashion Week is known to be a week filled with glamour, ready-to-wear shows, couture shows, and more. Designers like Versace, Dior, Balmain, Hermes, and so much more showcase their collection pieces.

Although a lot of good like profit and the completion of a designer’s hard work comes from Fashion Week, a lot of bad can result from this Week, too. Models are notorious for throwing up the food they consume in order to keep their weight and body percentage down. The more pounds they pack on, means the less they are able to fit into, which means the less money they get paid.

 Secrets about paris fashion week

Although a lot, if not most of the models gag up the food they eat, there are still some who do not. Some Fashion Week models can deny it all they want, but it does still and forever will happen. While on the subject of food the neighboring cafes, restaurants, and food stores tend to hike up their prices due to the amount of traffic that the Fashion Week will bring. As will the hotels, parking decks, and every other business looking to make a profit.

Back to the models, rumors have spread that most of them are mistreated by their designers and coaches. Supposedly the designers they strut for have mistreated them with emotional and spiritual neglect in the sense that the models are constantly put down for their body, for the work they need to perform harder, and their attitude.
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Now onto the more illegal side of fashion week, tons of arrests are made, illegal substances are used and abused, and prostitutes as well as escorts are hired for the up-most pay. As huge of an event that this Week is, it is full of fashion and flooded with out-of-towners traveling with money to spend and parties to attend. The out-of-towners for the most part are not some average guests, but they are high roller, big shots, and even those who are million and billionaires make their appearance. During the day and evening Paris has everyone living life with the endless activities and shows to attend. During the night is where the night life comes into play and men hire prostitutes, hookers, and escorts, drugs are abused, alcohol is consumed to the point of poison, and scandals arise.

As money is being thrown right and left, hotels are receiving a lot of it. During the week of Fashion Week hotels jack up their prices as hotel rooms are at high demand, especially the ones nearest the venue as where that is where all celebrities, designers, special guests, money, food, and drugs are circling.

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Fashion week in general, whether located in Paris, Miami, New York, California, or any where around the world has its pros and cons. Fashion Week is fabricated by fashion and traveling, but underneath and behind the scenes is a life filled with a lot of Fashion Week-styled secrets, negativity, illegal activity, abuse, and so much more.