Most Amazing Art Objects In The World

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Arne Quinze the passengar

Art and art objects fascinate those with or without a vivid imagination. Some of the most talented individuals originated pieces to fascinate the mind, eye, and heart. Some of the most interesting art objects in the world are almost crazy to think they can be suspended in air, a certain weight, or the size that they are.

Arne Quinze the passenger sculpture

Created by Arne Quinze, this entire wooden Sculpture is called “The Passenger.” This Sculpture takes up the Rue Nimy in the old city center of Mons. The artist himself stated that the location of this build was not by coincidence, but instead he specifically chose that location after studying the historical heritage; drawings and engineering.

The sculptor also explains that The Passenger symbolizes the flow of people and their cultural evolution. This structure is the main entrance toward the Grand Place of Mons. A cultural passage who influenced all layers of its society through the years. This remarkable piece is impressively made up of wooden planks. The Passenger will bring tourists, push dialogue, and encourage individuals to do their own history on the city and why this Sculpture was made.

Most sculptures are above ground but Jason deCaires Taylor defied some serious odds with his multiple underwater Sculptures.

Jason deCaires Taylor sculpture

This specific underwater Sculpture is a depth of 5m, resting in Grenada, West Indies. Taylor’s art is like no other. Countless publications and documentaries have exhibited his extraordinary work. Publications including the BBC, CNN, USA Today, the Guardian, Vogue, New Scientist, and more.

His underwater projects are not only works of marine conservation, but artwork of appreciation and awareness to marine life. For each underwater piece, Taylor brought his visions to life with the help of marine biologists. He uses stable, environmentally appropriate materials like neutral cement and damaged coral fragments.

Jason deCaires underwater sculpture

A mind-blowing artist named Michael Murphy shot straight to the top when he took art and physics and mashed the two together. When you look at this piece, named the “Perceptual Shift,” it looks like an array of dots precisely placed on a wall to display an eye.

Michael murphy Eye IllusionCrazy enough, if you were to take a few steps to the right or left, changing your angle, a perceptual shift occurs and you can see black particles suspended from wires in the air strategically placed to have a perfect view of a laid out illusion. With exactly 1,252 wood balls, paint, and braided fibers, that is all this masterpiece took! This type of sculpture is the first of it’s kind! If you thought this was the coolest thing ever, he has more!

Michael Murphy Gun country

Coincidentally with everything that is going on in today’s world, Michael’s “Gun Country” illusion is receiving praise from both sides of the gun debate. Although his piece was made in 2014, it is now getting triple the media attention. This piece was made out of exactly 150 toy guns, suspended in the air. At one angle you can see a clear picture of the United States, then at another angle you can clearly see the weapons in the shape of a pistol. Dope and moving is what this very piece is.

Jeff Koons Puppy

At the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney Harbour a 43 ft. tall puppy sits very still. Not like most dogs, but impressive, nonetheless. This pup, named “Puppy,” is made out of stainless steel, wood, soil, geotextile fabric, an internal irrigation system, and live flowering plants.

These amazing pieces by such artistic and inspirational artists attract millions of tourists, pictures, dialogue, curiosity, and so much more.