How To Get Your Husband In The Kitchen

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Cooking by yourself gets old and boring. Getting your partner into the kitchen is like getting hell to freeze over. It’s also like pulling teeth. Why is the process so difficult? The world may never know. Getting your husband, let alone a man in the kitchen shouldn’t take anything more than a bribe, pout, and a jump. Whether you want to get your husband into the kitchen to accompany you, change of scenery, or to get a break for once, there are several ways to go about it.

If you are looking to get your husband in the kitchen to simply accompany you so you are not alone, start by playing some upbeat music! If you choose music of his liking or something you two can dance to, that’s a way to lighten the mood and get him off the couch and into that kitchen. If he likes slow and romantic music that sets the mood, you can always play something soft, too!

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If your partner isn’t into music or dancing, you can always bribe them. A convincing smile, a sexy pout, or a promise to make it up to them are sure fire ways to make it all happen. You can promise them a massage, the watching of a movie of their choice, a promise to treat them out on another night, or a promise to treat them to something tasty that night, if you know what we mean. Promises are the perfect way to get someone to do something, especially if you live up to your promise.

If you have nothing or do not want to promise them anything in return for stepping into the kitchen, that is fine too. You can always compromise. Compromise in the sense that you work on the side dishes while your partner works on the main dish, or vice versa. There is always the compromise that you can clean the dishes afterwards, as long as your partner cooks. Compromising can get you a long way, as long as the compromise is fair and agreed upon.

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On a more riskay note, you can always dress in a sexy or provocative number and persuade your partner to get their behind in the kitchen that way. The thought or promise of what they can do to you after the meal is complete is enough to have them running into the kitchen. What they see you wearing might have them wanting to eat you more than eating their own food. You could even wear your new lingerie piece while you read him the recipe.

Now, if for some reason all else fails and they just will not budge due to whatever makes them so hesitant to do some of the cooking, just simply come out and ask. No more beating around the bush. You can simply take charge and firmly let them know you would like for them to cook for a change. Or take the more laid back approach and direct all statements to them like, “What would you like to cook?,” or “What are you in the mood to make tonight?,” or encourage them to cook something that they would love to eat. That might work, too. Oh, you can even offer to be their taste tester while they chef it up.

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In between each event that your significant other cooks encourage them by making sure to let them know their cooking not only tastes good, but is appreciated. Letting them know they are doing a good job and are being appreciated for putting their hands to work will encourage them to step into the kitchen more often. Maybe not as often as them seeing you in revealing lingerie, but close enough! Cooking together or trading chef nights should not be a drag, it should be fun!