How To Dress Modest Yet Sexy

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Shopping for sexy clothes

Whether you are a mother, someone working in an office, or the type of person that looks in a closet full of clothes, saying, “I have nothing to wear,” there is always something perfect for you to wear. It doesn’t matter who you are or what function you are attending, wardrobes can be frustrating at times. For you workplace go-getters having trouble finding new outfits to wear try piecing together what you already have, just with articles of clothing you normally would not pair together. What is even harder is finding something appropriate to wear that screams professionalism, with a side of sexy. After reading this article, you’ll know just what articles of clothing to pair in order to look professional and fashion-savvy.

Apparently, the fashion police and critics say that any skirt or dress above the knee is considered “too revealing for the work place.” If you are looking for an article of clothing that is below the knees yet draws attention to your legs, keeping it modest yet sexy, try a pencil skirt. Fashionable Pencil Skirts are made to be tight-fitting, hugging every curve. Although showing off curves may be unprofessional in the work place, wearing Pencil Skirts of many different lengths, styles, and patterns will look appropriate on almost anyone. Pencils are perfect for the workplace, and even daring enough to give the legs a show off.

How to dress modest yet sexy

Now that your skirt situation is figured out, we can move onto shoes. For most, comfort is what makes a shoe worthy or not. For others, making a fashion statement may a your priority. Either way, there are a bunch of options. Depending on your workplace and whether or not you have your own office space, the shoes you wear may or may not matter.

Dress modest and sexy

Whether you decide to wear a pencil skirt or pant suits, heels are always a go. Depending on your style, you might like the look of funky laced heels, closed-toed heels, or maybe spaghetti-strap heels. Either of the three will do your look some justice. Heels are considered classy and professional, but how you wear them is key to what makes your complete outfit look stylish, gives off sex-appealing, yet still appropriate.

Now that the hard part, finding foot and leg wear is over, we can now complete a look with some top options. Keeping in mind that one would  look most appropriate in a professional, relaxed outfit, there are still endless options. A simple button-down blouse tucked into your skirt or leg wear, an over-sized sweater, or a plain-colored blouse can be put over or tucked in any pair of bottoms. If one is looking to keep their look as modest and appropriate as possible, a blouse covering all cleavage, but sleeveless is daring the look by exposing arms making the look more bold. If you are not into showing your arms, throw on a cool blazer and call it a day.

How to dress blouses

Moving onto accessories, you can spice up any look with glasses, whether they are prescription or not. If you are in no need of wearing prescription glasses, you can always throw on some non-prescription glasses in order to funk up your look. Old tale has it that glasses make people appear smarter and sexier. If glasses do or do not help you gain a smarter look, you can always wear non-prescriptions as a way to look more professional and be taken more serious. If with glasses your outfit still feels plain, add some colorful jewelry to make it pop.

Some of you may not be caught dead leaving the house without your hair done, and others might not care as long as most of the strands are in place. If you are the type that likes to comb and go as quickly as possible, say hello to the messy bun. The messy bun is your newest best friend. She will be there for you when you want to look top-quality professional, and she will also be there when you want to dress super casual. You can easily turn a 2-minute hairstyle into a fierce, professional look that will have every one in your office wishing they can look the same.

Wear your messy bun high, low, or even in the middle. Wear your pony tail straight, curled, or spiced up with a braid. There are so many quick and efficient hair styles that can cut your dressing time in half, while taking your appearance to a level 10 on the fashion scale. If you usually wear your hair up and out of your face, try changing your look by wearing your hair down with a few curls, and voila! See how a chic, sassy, and sexy look is easily achieved.

How to dress sexy hairstyles

Obtaining a modest, yet sexy look does not have to be hard at all. With a few smart clothing choices you can dress proper, edgy, and sexy all at the same time.

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