How to Choose The Right Perfume

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how to choose the right perfume

Finding the right perfume or cologne for yourself is not supposed to be rocket science. It’s all about what you and your nose likes. It can also depend on your mood. If you are in a bad mood you obviously aren’t going to go to the nearest fragrance store to spritz on the nastiest smelling perfume you can find just because your mood told you to. It doesn’t work that way. But, if you are in a happy mood you will most likely spray on something that can add to your happiness. If you are in the mood to feel sexy, you will want to put something on that smells sensual or a scent from your favorite designer or artist.

How a perfume and cologne smells has to do with the concentration levels within the perfume. Going to your nearest fragrance store is a good idea to try out and pick out some different scents to accommodate your different moods and emotions on any given day. You will want to pick out a fragrance you can connect to.

When fragrance hunting, look for a scent that is inspirational, rather than a typical smell-good-spritzer. You will want something that is inspirational because you will be wearing it on your skin, your clothes, your hair, and you will be forced to smell it until it wears off. Side note, perfumes last longer on the skin that colognes do.

how to choose the right perfume

When you are looking for the scent that fits you best make sure to spritz the scent onto your wrists, but never rub your wrists together. A common mistake most make is rubbing your wrists together to supposedly press the scent into your skin to make it last longer, but instead you are actually crushing the fragrance molecules. Crushing those fragrance molecules will have the scent not last nearly as long. Applying the scent to your pulse points, on the other hand, is a good thing because one’s pulse points are the warmest parts of one’s body and the scent will last long if applied correctly. Some pulse points include one’s wrists, behind one’s ears, the neck, and more.

Aside from what is in the bottle, the packaging could help make your decision even easier. If you are looking for something that will make you feel naughty, you might want to look at more daring packages, and if you are going for a romantic scent, try looking for a more sleek and sensual packaging. Colors will also catch your eye in the process. Some scents might have something to do with the coloring of the liquid or packaging, and sometimes will have absolutely nothing to do with each other except how they clash.

how to choose the right perfume

Lastly, when choosing the right perfume for you, as we mentioned earlier, does not have to be rocket science. Browse around, smell, spritz, ask questions, spritz again, look at packaging, and spritz some more! By testing out as many fragrances as you can from as many brands as you can, you will eventually find something that matches you and your style, as well as personality the best!

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