How Babies and Old People Are the Same

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Babies and old people similarities

In a sense, babies and old people are similar in a lot of ways. Just think about how we all start as a baby, incapable of executing any task besides sleeping, eating, and giving someone else a mess to clean up once our food has digested. As you get older and officially become an “old person,” you start to go back to your old ways.

Old people and babies sleeping in public

Not only do babies practically sleep all day, but they fall asleep at the most unconventional times, like sleeping in public. As do old people. Both old people and babies fall asleep mid-conversation, in the midst of eating, watching TV, and while being out in broad daylight. They both also sleep for long periods of times, also several times a day. Older people sleep excessively due to their medications, their energy being the opposite of what it once was, and being just plain out bored most of the time.

Babies on the other hand have very little energy, so when they are up they quickly burn up their energy by moving around, eating, and making use of their diaper, then off to bed they go until they are ready to do it all over again. Not only are both their sleep patterns one in the same, but they both wear diapers. They both are unable to control their muscles, so wearing diapers is the best solution.

Babies and old people with no teeth

On a more comical note, it’s gum city for these two kinds of people. Babies and old people speak gibberish while their gums knock against each other. Due to having no teeth, they are both forced to eat soft foods as they have nothing to chew hard foods with.

Moving onto their limbs, babies and old people walk funny as their legs are not as strong, so they drunk walk everywhere. Since their legs are not strong and capable of holding their own weight, keeping still for very long without becoming weak leaves them prone to falling over. That’s why old people are in need of so much physical assistance, and babies are purchased walkers, swings, and jumpers. Their skin is very weak so babies are notorious for having soft skin, and old people are just the same due to the loss of skin tightness with age. As the eyesight of an individual gets weaker with age, babies start off with weak eyesight. Babies, depending on their age can not see at certain distances, and at one point in their lives can not see in color. Most older people have to result to wearing prescription glasses due to worsening eyesight.

Old people and babies soft skin

Babies and old people are advised to not be in the heat as they are sensitive to it. Their bodies are weak and can not take such high inside and outside temperatures. Outside living conditions are one thing. but inside living conditions are a whole different story for both babies and old people. Each have to have everything prepared for them. Preps have to be made for food like bottles and dinner, care like looking after and keeping an eye on, showers to upkeep their hygiene, and so much more. We were just surprised as you are with the overwhelming about of similarities between the two. Who knew that babies and old people have so much in common despite that greatness of their age difference.