Helmet That Grows Hair

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iRestore treats balding
Whether you think the hair or no hair on your head is due to genetics, race, or gender, there is a cause and a solution. Whether you think you need the solution or not, there is a FDA cleared Hair Growth System out there that actually grows hair! It is designed to improve hair loss, treat balding, and reverse hair thinning. Although it looks like a bikers helmet, it is a Helmet Laser System that does all the work in order to restore hair loss and even further more improve hair thickness. Useful for both men and women to use, this System can also be used on an individual simply looking to improve the hair they already have. There is no such thing as too much volume, nor too much hair.
iRestore Laser Hair Growth
How it works: After placing the Helmet onto your head and powering it on, the light energy laser therapy delivers right into your hair follicles which then increases cell metabolism and increases blood flow. The bio-chemical process speeds up the hair growth process while you go about your day. You can walk your dog, read a book, drink coffee, prepare dinner, all while watching television, and even take a nap while it sits on your head. The strip that lays across your forehead is designed to hold the System into place, refraining from falling off of your head. This System looks super lightweight and comfortable to wear, so if it really is, that’s a plus.
Drugs and medications can have adverse side effects, hair transplants can be expensive, and treatments can be painful, but this helmet-like structure is said to be non-invasive, no side effects, safe to use, and pain-free. For individuals who went ahead with a hair transplant procedure, iRestore has been proven to afterwards help the healing process. The masterminds behind iRestore stated that it only takes 12 to 24 weeks to see results. With just 25 minute sessions, 3 times a week minimum, that is all it takes. Laser combs and brushes are most likely not as efficient as this System. With dedicating just two hours a week, that is enough time to gain back that full head of hair you once had, or increase the hair volume you already have.
iRestore Hair thickening
So far the reviews are raving about this product. Verified purchasers have reviewed that their receding hair line is intact, their crown area is filling back in quicker than they can keep up, and their hair is getting thicker and thicker with each use. Looks like there is no need for hats, scarfs, or headbands anymore. Individuals are often left disappointed with the hair revival shampoos, conditioners, serums, and deep treatments, and that’s why this System was created.
As of right now the System is only available on Amazon until iRestore launches their online store. A unique and useful System like this one will change the future forever when it comes to the growing of hair on one’s head. Efficiently suitable for anyone experiencing early signs of aging or hair thinning. Also suitable for those with a full head of hair looking to increase the thickness or volume. This is one of the most awesome recent inventions yet.