Crazy Reasons Why You Might Have Acne

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Sleeping with makeup causes acne

Most think their face has it out for them with the amount of pimples that pop up like wack-a-moles. Not the case. Aside from genetics and hormones, pimples show up due to how you treat your skin. Whether it’s the face, back, arm, or chest acne, everyone gets it, some individuals more frequent than others. Believe it or not, if you treat your akin right, making sure it’s always clean, untouched, moisturized, and exfoliated, then your skin will repay you back with clear skin. If you expose your skin to things clear skin should not be exposed to, your skin will obviously react badly.

You’d be surprised of the reasons why your face breaks out.

Starting at household items, how often do you wash your pillow case? Probably not as often as you should. When you lay your head on that pillow case you lay down all the germs that have accumulated on your face throughout the day, assuming you did not wash your face. Even so, your hair, the back of your neck, and your shirt touches your pillow, so when you rub your face on it your letting those same germs rest on your face the entire time of your sleep. Other household items that can cause acne are face towels and rags used more than once and inexpensive soap that your skin is sensitive.

Dirty Makeup Brushes causes acne

If you apply makeup, your skin probably does not like you very much. The idea of packing liquid, cream, or powders into your pores to achieve a flawless face is the perfect recipe for acne. Then on top of it, makeup brushes carry so many germs, so if you reuse brushes that still have product on them, you are reapplying the old product mixed with the dust in the air, then applying that to your face. That’s a big no no. Also, using masks, ointments, and treatments to take care of your skin is okay to use as it makes sense, but overusing them does more damage than it does any good.

Another main cause of your acne can be the food you eat. If you eat clean and healthy foods your skin has no reason to break out. If you eat greasy, unhealthy food with loads of salt you are prone to break out. It’s that simple.

Wearing hats causes Acne

Believe it or not, what you wear can cause you to break out. I know, that’s surprising. How? Well, think about it. If you wear any head gear like hats, headbands, glasses, sunglasses, you are essentially having something sit on your face for a period of time which causes your sweat and germs from what you are to mix and create blemishes.

Not protecting your skin from the sun is like giving your face the green light to act up. The sun is beating on your face, drying it out after it gets tomato red. The warmer your face gets, the more oil is produced, yet again causing more acne.

Rid of acne

Lastly, your fingers and not washing your face and body is also another trigger for zits. Your fingers literally touch any and everything. The amount of germs on your hands and fingertips is ridiculous, and we subconsciously touch or scratch our face, spreading all of those germs. Then after an entire day of piling germs onto your skin, if you don’t wash it off whether it be in the shower or just washing your face, it will sit there and accumulate, causing more acne.

Everything mentioned above is completely and easily avoidable if you just take care of yourself and your skin. Wear less on your skin, protect your skin, don’t touch your skin, and don’t put everything on your face. Simple as that.