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Traveling for cheap vacation

Going on vacation does not have to be a treat nor something you do once a year. If researched and executed right, one can easily travel anywhere they would like to in the world, affordably three times a year, minimum. Going on vacation also does not have to be some glorious week filled with five star hotels, a spa appointment before breakfast and dinner, amazing room service, expensive cosmos on the beach, or anything else absurd like that. Although those activities by all means are not outrageous, but if any individual thinks that those are the qualifications of a perfect vacation, they are in for a cheap surprise.

In this day and age you can do amazing activities and trips for a great price, all it takes is a good find and a huge amount of patience. Booking a flight, hotel, and rental car is as easy as 1,2, 3, but if you take the time out to find a cheaper way to execute your dream vacation, you are guaranteed a bigger bang for your buck.

Cheap flights traveling

A vacation isn’t a vacation if you can’t get yourself there. Cheap flights are possible. If you search for cheap flights by typing “cheap flight sites” in your search engine, sites are bound to come up. A popular site best known for their cheap flight prices is Cheapflights, and they have so many helpful options for cheap traveling. Some sites are even nice enough to compare prices to other sites. A simple plan to avoid paying last-minute flight fees is by planning your vacations out. If you plan your winter vacation in the summer, or your summer vacation in the fall you will for sure get good deals on flight seats as opposed to purchasing last minute tickets that could end up being double your standard cost.

Now that your transportation is taken care of, lets move on to where you are going to stay.

Airbnb is a marketplace where individuals all around the world can list their homes and apartments for rent as a vacation home. For instance, you can easily go onto the app or site, type in your desired location, and properties will appear. Depending on what is listed you may find a studio apartment, 3 bedroom, 8 bedroom, mansion, and more. All properties are rented out by real people and owners with set rules on renting the house. As long as you pay a processing fee, show up, and leave the place the same way you found it, that is even easier than 1, 2, and 3.

Cheap travel airbnb

One can get a hotel for twice the cost of Airbnb. Airbnb’s prices are so much more affordable as some places, prices, and rules are negotiable depending on the owner of the property. There are deals for hotels on the beach for $50 a night, a 3-bedroom home completely unoccupied except for you and your travel buddies for $80 a weekend, and so many more options. We’ll take that price over a mediocre hotel for hundreds a night. If you are the type that does not mind spending hundreds on your vacation stay, Airbnb does have more expensive options like a wood cabin with a few acres of land that looks over a lake or a mansion behind a gated community. On the site or app you can set your price range and they will filter out the places that are too low or high for your pockets. Celebs like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian have separately rented out mansions and penthouses from Airbnb.

Once you are settled into your temporary vacation spot, it is time to start the festivities. Whether you are headed straight to the pool, the casino, the beach, the spa, or nearest restaurants, there are tons of options to kick-start your vacation. If you are looking for something to do at a fraction of the cost, check Groupon! Groupon has loads of deal ranging anywhere from food, scuba diving, spa services, whale watching, tattoo deals, and so much more. The options of activities and affordable price deals are endless! Nine times out of ten there are local business pamphlets laying around or in other businesses with coupons on the inside specifically geared towards out-of-towners. Also, checking business websites or social media accounts may lead you to some deal offerings.

Traveling cheap uber lyft

You may book a house or resort that does not require you to travel, but if you do need transportation to get around the city, there are options for you. Two options are Uber and Lyft. Uber and Lyft are transportation services. Operating the very same as a taxi service, the only difference being the driver may be your neighbor, and your Uber driver may have chargers, candy, and even a television for your comfort.

These type of transportation services are usually fairly discounted as compared to taxi services, and you are eligible for a free or discounted ride on your first ride. Once your ride is over you can rate your driver up to five stars and they can do the same for you as a passenger. That beats old school taxi drivers looking to overcharge tourists. Who knows, you may even have the coolest driver ever with loads of snickers bars in the back!

Cheap travel vacation on beach

Again, traveling or vacationing does not have to be a treat, it can be something you make a point to do a few times a year just because you, your family, or friends deserve it.

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