Cartoons Your Children Shouldn’t Watch

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Monitoring what kids watch on TV

Whether you are an over or under-protective parent or caregiver, you may or may not monitor what the children you care for watch on TV. Cartoons are thought of, directed, and created with good intentions, but if you look at the message behind certain episodes, you can see things that do not seem quite right. Some of the most well-known cartoons still being played on your child’s favorite network have received a lot of heat for what people really think about certain scenes.

The infamous Family Guy and South Park shows are known for being vulgar, witty, and wildly inappropriate. With the disrespect towards their own friends, family, teachers, and superiors, is not okay for your children to see. While watching an episode every third word is beeped out due to the amount of excessive curse words. Excessive use of curse words should not be exposed to children as it’s obviously inappropriate especially since young children watch or are around when adults are watching.

Spongebob cartoon

Although Spongebob is a cartoon loved by all children and adults it does get a lot of heat for some suspect activity. Suspect in the sense that some of the male characters have dressed in women’s clothing. In this one particular episode, Spongebob and Patrick teamed up to care for a clam, and while Patrick was portraying the man of the house, Spongebob was the housewife who stayed home to care for the clam. Spongebob became very upset when all the work was put on him and showed his rage while storming around in a dress and roller pins. Pushing the gay agenda has had many people enraged as this cartoon’s largest audience is children. Although being with people of the same sex is becoming more and more accepted, as well as cross-dressing, a lot of parents and non-parents think that children should not be exposed to such behavior at such a  young age.

DragonBall Z, a classic, follows Goku and his son Gohan as they display that no matter how many times you die, you will always come back better and stronger to fight your enemies once again. That message has the potential to influence children into thinking that no harm can happen to them, because if harm were to come, they will always come back better and prepared, leading your children to display dangerous behavior. Some more dangerous behavior happens on Scooby Doo. The crew that solves mysteries constantly breaks into abandoned places. That shows children that it is okay to trespass onto private property with little to no consequences.

The Little Mermaid Ariel

This may be shocking to you, so hold onto your seat, but The Little Mermaid had and still has critics bashing Ariel for disobeying her father the entire movie. Although it is not a show, rather a movie, we had to mention this one as it is loved and known worldwide. Although Ariel’s father forbids her to have any human contact in the end he ends up letting his daughter marry despite everything he stood for throughout the entire movie.

This movie, if a child catches on, will let your daughter think that she can always get her way as long as she puppy eyes her father and reminds him that she is daddy’s little princess. Sons will think girls can get away with everything because they are girls. Definitely the wrong message to children.

Teen Titans Cartoon Cyborg

Teen Titans, the cartoon, has also been receiving a lot of tomatoes for the behavior of their characters. On one episode, similar to Spongebob, two male characters were being super flirty with each other while blowing kisses to one another. On another episode, Cyborg, to be specific, started acting like his grandmother while wearing a dress. Cyborg was also acting like a stereotypical African-american grandmother and became visibly upset when people referred to “her” as a guy. Again there is pushing the gay agenda and being stereo-typical when there is so much learning to do from these cartoons, rather than watching episodes as such.

Some of the character behaviors like disobeying your parent or guardian, trespassing into abandoned places, and the more mentioned above by any means is not okay and that message should not be conveyed to children. Educational shows, cartoons, and movies should be exposed to children rather than the cartoons kids watch in today’s world. Every cartoon or show, regardless if it’s considered a classic or not has it’s perks and disadvantages. If you choose to let your children watch the list of inappropriate shows we listed it’s probably a good idea to sit with your children and explain any of the messages that may be misconstrued.