Bendable iPhone and Tablet From Lenovo

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Lenovo flexible phone

Curved phones? Overrated. Waterproof phones? Overrated. Lenovo’s new concept of a smartphone, called the CPlus, uses a flexible screen that is versatile. Versatile in the sense that you can use it as a handheld device, a watch, and back again to a handheld device. With two sizes to choose from, both large and small, and supposedly 12 colors, options are limitless. Lenovo’s spokesperson shared that the handset’s screen has a 4.26 inch display. The size you choose is not for the phone, but depends on the size of your wrist. We are curious as to why there isn’t a medium size.

Anywho, a phone like this would not be possible if it were not for a whole lot of bending. Not only would the screen have to bend, but so does the motherboard, the battery, and every piece of tech wear in the device. Lenovo has designed this Phone to bend around your wrist, yet keep the screen from appearing like it is actually bent. It only appears curved, like an illusion. Unbent, the device itself just looks like an elongated phone, then as you bend it, it clicks into slots, so you can have it bent at half the bend as someone else. The screen is then programmed to properly function while bent.

Lenovo cplus

An amusing quirk to the bendable Phone is that once it is bent into position the screen display “shatters,” and pieces go flying to the ground. Onto the back of the Phone, the bendable material is made out of metal and plastic. Lenovo stated that this bendable Phone will be even lighter than regular phones, making them more desirable.

As if the Phone wasn’t enough to blow us away, Lenovo designed a bendable Tablet, too!

These concepts seem very promising, but it will be a long while before we see something like this on shelves. Hopefully not too long. A very slim design, for a better fit in your hands. When fully flat and unbent, the Tablet will display across the entire screen like a normal tablet would. Once bent in half, the icons will shift to one side of the screen, appearing like a phone. From there you can play games or surf the web from your Tablet, then once your business call comes ringing in you can bend it in half, and hold it to your ear like you would a normal phone.

Lenovo bendable tablet

Another cool feature is that once bent in half you can take a picture of someone while you are looking at the picture through one side of the screen, and the person on the opposite side can see themselves from the opposing screen. How awesome! Now the person you are capturing a photo of can tell you to adjust your angle rather than taking tons of photos for the person not not like any of them.

The most exciting features about these products are the ability to take such a large device, then fold or bend it to half it’s size. That makes traveling with your devices so much easier, along with tucking them into smaller places. A bonus is that the devices are shatter-proof so no more breaking the bank to get your phone screen fixed. These devices are approximated to release in five years, so fingers crossed!