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baby shopping for cheap diapers

Baby shopping can be costly, especially for the most needed items such as diapers and wipes. The needs in order to keep a child clothed, fed, and sheltered can add up to a lot of money. Although cost is a big concern for most, there are ways to work around those costs so that you can achieve everything you need for your child for a fraction of the price. According to the 2010 USDA report, average middle-income families can spend up to $12,000 for a child’s first year of life, and $12,500 the second year. A lot of mothers fear bacteria and diseases so they tend to buy all baby items in brand new condition just to go home and wash and rewash. There are countless ways to save money. Although most ways are not ideal nor written about in parenting books, they are safe and super affordable.

Cheap baby shopping thrift store

Thrift Shops – Thrifting can save you tons on re-used articles of clothing, toys, and miscellaneous items at a fraction of the cost. If you get lucky, you can find items that look like new! Even if you are looking for maternity clothes, most thrift shops have a maternity section where you can snag a few good pieces.

Craigslist – Craigslist is a great way to receive items from real people themselves. You can converse with individuals on negotiated pricing, how new or used the item is, multiple pictures of each item, and anything else helpful when making your decision. Although there are Craigslist horror stories, as long as you plan to meet in a very public, high traffic place, and you bring a friend, you should be fine with exchanges.

Family – Family, especially members that are experienced with children will know exactly what you need and can use. Receiving or paying from family is a sure fire way to be safe, successful in obtaining what you need, and happy that you were able to receive help from someone you may know well.

Friends – Friends may have a friend or family member of a friend that is sharing some used and well-kept baby items. As babies outgrow clothing faster than you can blink, hand me downs should not be overlooked as many items in good condition do not get used and should be reused to their full potential.

Cheap baby diy ideas

Do it yourself – There are tons and tons of DIY project ideas online that are easily achievable. Even if the funds are not available to buy knick knacks in order to make small projects, try buying a ball of yarn with some knitting needles, and sit in front of a Youtube tutorial aiming to learn how to knit your very own booties, shirts, undergarments, dresses, and so much more. You can research all the different ways to make your very own home-made baby wipes and diapers!

Groupon – Groupon is a application dedicated to providing deals. On Groupon there are deals for clothes, toys, and miscellaneous items for amazing prices that can be delivered right to your door step.

Coupons – Printable coupons will soon be your best friend. If printable coupons are not enough, try the newspaper, try catalogs, but really take the time out to subscribe to your favorite store’s website as they may send you percentage off, deal dates, and end-of-season sales.

Sales – Keep an eye out and hold onto your wallet until stores have weekend or holiday sales. That is when they have their nicest items for reasonable prices.

Clearance – Bypass all merchandise and head straight to the clearance section. There you will find items marked down by 30 or 50 percent.

Yard Sale – Most yard sales are set up and ran by home owners who have had children. If you are lucky you can find some items for sale that you can use. There are even apps on both iPhones and Androids that notify you of neighboring yard sales.

cheap baby yard sales

Reusing used clothing and toys may not be something you planned to do with your first, second, nor third child, but it is not a bad idea considering the amount of rewashing you planned to do anyways even with the new clothes. Baby bottles and toys are commonly boiled to thoroughly clean and rid of bacteria, so there is no difference if you were to rid of all bacteria of an item from someone else. Save your own pockets by looking for used articles of clothing, furniture, and toys. Save the brand new items you would like for your registry and baby shower. Using all of the tips above will save you at least a fraction of the average cost of a child, if not half.

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