2015 Alfa Romeo 4C: Hot And Sexy

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As a high end sports car the 4C from Alfa Romeo is everything car lovers dream of when they are thinking of a great super car. With sexy and sleek lines, a shape that looks like it should be reserved for the track and a serious amount of power and performance this car will absolutely make heads spin as it screams on by. After a long drought in America, the 4C will be the first mainstream Alfa sold in the states since the mid 1990’s and offer shoppers a European option they might otherwise not be afforded making this a great car for those who can afford the price tag.


Built with speed and performance in mind, the 4C is powered by an engine that really doesn’t excite many, but the light design and use of aluminum and carbon-fiber panels allows the 4C to be one of the lightest cars. This allows the 4C to be fast and agile on any road, creating a fantastic driving experience that easily outperforms many of the competition. This version of the 4C is brand new for 2015 making it one of the best new releases for the new model year.

The 4C offers a driving experience that is a throwback to a time when power steering did not exist. With no power assistance in the steering at all, the 4C is suited for a curvy highway road or the racetrack, but becomes very cumbersome in town and when just starting out. This steering offers a full and raw driving experience that really helps the driver become one with the car on the road. The suspension is stiff and easily able to keep this awesome supercar planted on the road and offer plenty of agility through the twists and turns of the open road. For even more control the 4C has an outstanding braking system that stops the car quickly and expertly to help keep this road beast under control. The gear shifting is easy and enjoyable to use, changing very quickly when needed, making this an easy car to enjoy on the road for those who enjoy a full driving experience.

Only one engine is offered for the 4C but it is well suited for the car. The engine is an extremely well-designed 1.7-liter turbocharged inline four-cylinder engine that produces 237 horsepower and 258 lb.-ft. of torque. Even though these numbers seem slight, this light car doesn’t need a ton of power to get going and with the turbocharger in place this beauty can make time quickly. The engine is mated to a dual-clutch automatic transmission that offers very short and quick shift changes.

Amazingly there is not a manual transmission offering for a fuller driving experience, but this transmission is so capable the lack of a manual can be easily overlooked and understood. The powertrain actually offers a very nice fuel efficiency making it easier to keep this car flying down the road. The fuel efficiency comes in at 24 city/34 hwy mpg, easily one of the most enjoyable for any super car.

Not built for comfort, but instead for the driving experience, the interior of the 4C offers everything a driver will want for control including a flat-bottom steering wheel. The gauges will keep the driver informed of any needs of the car or where they can push their performance even further. The seats only recline slightly and are manually adjusted and the trunk space is very small, but neither of these details is why someone would buy this car anyway. For a small car the headroom and legroom is actually very nice making this car able to fit taller owners as easily as shorter ones.

From the outside the 4C appears to be in line with the six-figure touting Italian sports cars, but thankfully it doesn’t have that high a price. This allows owners to enjoy the unique and beautiful lines and curves of this awesome sports car without having to really break the bank. The sleek and sophisticated design offers a long grill across the front that is centered by a V-shaped grill that draws the starting lines up and over the hood. The swept back long bubble shaped headlights are purely speed inspired and easy to enjoy while side body vents help to keep this beast planted on the road in the rear as well as offering a great deal of more intrigue and beauty to this awesome car. The rear is finished off with simple, but not out of place round taillights and a nicely built spoiler that enhances the overall sports car look and feel.

The standard features offered for the 4C are very basic and include power windows, air condition, a seven-inch color gauge cluster, a four-speaker audio system with USB and auxiliary ports, a “DNA” selector that allows a driver to choose from four different driving modes which varies the aggressiveness of the throttle, transmission and stability controls, airbags, stability and traction control and hill-start assist. Even though this makes a very basic car, it is built for driving excitement and even at the base model offers a ton of fun behind the wheel.

As for optional equipment, the 4C starts with the first 500 to be sold will be called the “Launch Edition” with all being equipped with a unique front fascia, race-turn suspension, leather-trimmed seats and carbon-fiber accents throughout the car. On other models, the optional features include cruise control, bi-xenon headlights, a premium audio system, a louder exhaust system, leather upholstery, a track pack that offers performance-tuned dampers and anti-sway bars, special wheels, a steering wheel with red stitching and rear parking sensors. Any or all of these optional features can seriously improve the interior feeling of this awesome sports car as well as offer a great track experience for those who head out to the track for a weekend of fun in the 4C.

The base price starts out at $53,900 for the 4C making it cheaper than most luxury cars and may be an even more attractive option for some car shoppers. The Launch Edition will come in at $70,000 when all the features are added to the 4C. In any model, this powerful, agile and aggressive sports car is going to turn a lot of heads on the roads in the US with its beauty and obvious grace on the road.

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