What We Do

BBoA is a proven system for entrepreneurs, investors and individuals to profit from the booming growth of multi device video consumption. Our platform allows a publisher partner to easily benefit from the collective experience and relationships of our team and our playbook for successfully generating consistent and scalable revenue.

In an industry that is fragmented for small to medium sized publishers and dominated by larger ones, it is increasingly more difficult to succeed in the space. A new or non-established site is typically buried low in the ranking for search, regardless of the quality of their content, and rank poorly on analytics sites like Alexa, Quantcast, and Comscore. These factors make them non-appealing to ad networks and way out of their league for agencies and brands; yet still maintaining a high cost of acquisition for visitors.

Through our aggregate Co-Op we are able to provide all of the following elements more efficiently and cost effectively; creating an optimized RPV (Revenue Per Visitor) and higher margins for the publisher.

  1. Site Development with quick turn around, a large selection of ad friendly verticals to choose from, and custom design and content options
  2. Included Hosting and Delivery
  3. Contract management including all advertising and licensing agreements, privacy policy, other documents required for their business
  4. Industry leading video player and playlisting technology
  5. Video Content (user generated, licensed or produced) Partners may also easily upload their content for publishing through our system.
  6. Supporting contextual content including text articles, posts, audio, lists, games, and Images, increasing time on site
  7. Advertising, including but not limited to, Pre-Roll or overlay video, Display, In-Text, Native, and sponsored content with the technology to deliver and manage it;
  8. Audience Generation including, email, social media and advertising through our aggregated Co-Op media buys
  9. Custom reporting allowing our partners to understand their earnings daily

Target Partners:

  • Production companies that are not currently monetizing their content through an owned and operated destination
  • Entrepreneurs that are looking for stay at home or additional sources of revenue
  • Investors that want to be passively involved in the booming industry of digital entertainment and generate a return on their investment

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